Unstoppable Wallet is Now Powered by Chainlink Price Feeds

We’re excited to announce that Unstoppable wallet is using Chainlink Price Feeds as our go-to solution for calculating the fiat value of users’ crypto assets. Chainlink Price Feeds are the industry standard for accurate, real-time benchmarks on crypto assets, ultimately helping users make informed decisions in alignment with global markets when trading and deploying crypto across DeFi directly from the Unstoppable wallet.

The initial integration involves leveraging Chainlink Price Feeds to determine the price of BTC, ETH, and BNB in 14 different fiat currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, SGD, BRL, CHF, CNY, HKD, ILS, RUB, and TRY. Doing so will enable us to support a global market of cryptocurrency users.

Unstoppable is a non-custodial, open-source, decentralized, and privacy-oriented asset management tool engineered to work outside the traditional finance layer, acting as a Swiss knife to the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance ecosystem. Unstoppable is like a private and borderless bank that stores crypto assets and gives users open access to global cryptocurrency-powered markets.

In order to determine the prices of crypto assets in our wallet against popular fiat currencies, we needed accurate exchange rates that are consistently up to date. Users with trusted price feeds will be better equipped to make informed decisions with their crypto assets without ever having to leave the Unstoppable Wallet app.

Chainlink Price Feeds are open-source, decentralized data feeds that secure a large portion of the DeFi market. Unstoppable wallet references Chainlink Price Feeds to calculate the current valuations of users’ portfolios and the individual assets they comprise. The upgrade to Chainlink Price Feeds will not only establish highly accurate exchange rates, but it will do so in a decentralized manner that’s proven resilient during market volatility. Some of the specific optimizations of Chainlink Price Feeds that make them a top choice include:

  • Market Coverage — Chainlink Price Feeds source data from numerous premium data aggregators, leading to price data that’s aggregated from hundreds of exchanges, weighted by volume, and cleaned from outliers and wash trading. Chainlink’s data aggregation model mitigates situations where a single or small set of exchanges report inaccurate prices or experience manipulation.

iBek Esengulov, Founder and CTO of Horizontal Systems said, “We’re thrilled to announce integration of Chainlink Price Feeds to Unstoppable wallet. With this integration Unstoppable users will be getting the most accurate real-time cryptocurrency exchange rates directly in the wallet app.”

About Chainlink

Chainlink is the industry standard for building, accessing, and selling oracle services needed to power hybrid smart contracts on any blockchain. Chainlink oracle networks provide smart contracts with a way to reliably connect to any external API and leverage secure off-chain computations for enabling feature-rich applications. Chainlink currently secures tens of billions of dollars across DeFi, insurance, gaming, and other major industries, and offers global enterprises and leading data providers a universal gateway to all blockchains.

Learn more about Chainlink by visiting chain.link or read the documentation at docs.chain.link. To discuss an integration, reach out to an expert.

About Unstoppable Wallet

Unstoppable Wallet is an investor-oriented asset management tool with a focus on privacy, open economy, and decentralization. In a complex world of crypto, Unstoppable Wallet tries to make crypto easier and more accessible.

Launched in 2019, Unstoppable is the youngest wallet to be recommended by Bitcoin.org. The wallet currently supports all major crypto currencies and is specifically designed for DeFi ecosystem.

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